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Mini Dental Implants for Nashville

Dental implants have been a staple of dentistry for decades. Today, they are the preferred method of tooth replacement for many patients because they so closely mimic the structure and appearance of a natural tooth. An implant not only replaces the crown of a tooth—the portion that is visible when smile, speak and eat—but also the root that is embedded in bone. There are actually two types of dental implants: standard and mini dental implants. For many patients, mini dental implants are preferable in instances when a small tooth needs replacement or when bone density is not sufficient enough to hold a standard implant.

Mini Implants in Nashville

Once Dr. Dickerson has made sure that mini implants are the best option for your tooth replacement needs, you are on your way toward regaining a functional and beautiful smile. With the aid of digital x-rays, photos and impressions, Dr. Dickerson will plan the exact placement of your implants. Each step of the surgery is planned ahead to ensure a precise and reliable outcome.

Mini Dental Implants and Your Smile

Like standard implants, mini implants can be placed along either or both your upper and lower arches. More often than not, mini implants are used to secure a partial or full denture. In this case, Dr. Dickerson will strategically position each implant to take advantage of where you have the greatest bone density in your jaw. This way, you know your implants will securely hold your denture in place.

Receiving Mini Dental Implants in Nashville

If you’ve ever had a cavity filled, then you’re not likely to be bothered at all by having mini implants. Once the local anesthetic has taken affect, Dr. Dickerson makes a small incision in your gum tissue and positions the mini implant in your jawbone. Mini implants can be angled to take better advantage of bone density. Because mini implants do not require invasive surgery, the healing time is typically much shorter than with standard implants. While you heal, a temporary set of dentures will provide functional teeth and protect your gums.

Once Dr. Dickerson has determined that your mini dental implants are fully integrated with the surrounding bone tissue, your permanent dentures can be placed. 

Caring for Mini Dental Implants and Your New Smile

Cleaning a partial of full denture with mini implants is no different than the oral hygiene for natural teeth. Be sure to brush at least twice daily with a soft toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. Floss every day, too, because plaque can accumulate on dentures, putting you at risk for periodontal disease.

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